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Guiding Buyers and Sellers Through Orlando's Sizzling Real Estate Market.

In 1987 double digit interest rates were the norm, but for some reason (which I don't remember now) I decided this was the time to take the test to become a real estate agent in Orlando. I joined Real Estate One (a Michigan based company trying to enter the Orlando market), equipped my car with the new fangled thing called a mobile phone (actually wasn't mobile at all as it was attached by a long pole in my car), and paid my board dues…officially I was a Realtor.

New and naive, definitely.

In those days our multiple listing system consisted of a large telephone-like book that contained all the black and white photo listings that were in place weeks prior. Any new listings had to be added manually until the new book came out. You never knew exactly what was going on - much like trying to manage the Secret Service! And lugging that thing around was a challenge.

Around 1990 I decided to join Coldwell Banker Residential and have remained with the company through all the ups and downs of the market. Originally we were located in Longwood, but as the area grew our relocation to the current office at Colonial Town Park in Lake Mary was inevitable. We service all areas, but we are particularly well known in the Lake Mary/Longwood area…with a strong boutique presence in the Magnolia/Heathrow/Alaqua and Markham neighborhoods.

Sometime, around 1992, I left my career to join my husband who had accepted a civilian position with the military newspaper, Stars and Stripes in Tokyo, Japan. Having had the pleasure of relocating the last two Recruit Training Naval Base commanders during pre-closure of the Orlando Naval Base I thought I had some insight of military life….but that was just the beginning of an adventure that included unexpected twists and turns. One of those experiences involved developing and teaching a four hour real estate course to military and DOD personnel returning to the States. It's true…teaching your subject teaches you! Along with living and traveling throughout Asia, I taught English and participated in many volunteer activities. In fact, it was the military that taught me what volunteering is all about….it is a common thread that preserves the spirit of family and helps when the spouse or family member is deployed.

In 1996 the Internet became a player for everyone and most certainly in real estate. It was the year I stepped off the plane to return from Japan to Orlando. The heavy MLS books became dinosaurs and "real" mobile phones were about to hit the market. Yes, much has changed, but statistical overload has proven to be a challenge for the consumer. With the sophistication of technology, information overload creates the need for expert guidance through a continually changing housing market - and that's where I come in. With over 30 years of local Orlando experience and hundreds of satisfied customers, my extensive real estate market knowledge will help buyers and sellers make decisions in their best interests.

Fast forward to present time and it is easy to say that change is always around and will always provide opportunities for both consumers and those who service consumers….like Realtors. The depth and breathe of my varied experience can't be beat and will serve you well when when you are involved with what may be your largest financial transaction. I know what it is like to move with three children, all of who came down with chickenpox on the day of moving. I know what it is like to have to put three dogs in the car during showings. I know what it is like to move overseas and back again. And after helping hundreds of buyers and sellers, I know how to help make the your move successful.

Experienced and seasoned, definitely.

Call me at 407-782-6065 and let's talk about what your real estate needs are.